Millersville Borough

Contact Information: 

100 Municipal Dr,
Millersville, PA 17551

Main: (717) 872-4645
Fax: (717) 872-1895

Hours of Operation:
Mon - Fri: 8:00am to 5:00pm




General Information: 
Current Population 8168
Assessed Valuation $261,000,900
Municipal Road Miles 17.43
State Road Miles 4.03


Meeting Schedule & Locations: 

Location:  Millersville Borough Administration & Police Building       

100 Municipal Dr. Millersville, PA 17551

Council:  2nd & 4th Tuesday, 7:00 PM

Planning Commission:  1st Wednesday, 7:00 PM

Zoning Hearing board:  4th Thursday, 6:30 PM

Historic Commission:  1st Monday, 7:00 PM

Park Commission:  1st Monday, 6:00 PM


Taxes & Fees: 
Munic Real Estate Millage (total) 5.45
School Real Estate Millage 17.25
Real Estate Transfer Tax (Munic. & School) 1.0%
Per Capita Tax $0.00
LST Tax (Munic. & School) $52.00
Munic. Earned Income Tax .5%
School Earned Income Tax .5%


Zoning Ordinances Yes
Comprehensive Plan Yes
Building Code Yes
Subdivision Ordinances Yes


Boards & Committees: 
Millersville Borough Boards and Commissions

PLANNING COMMISSION   (Four year term)     (Meets 1st Wednesday of every month at 7:00 PM)

Michael J. Weidinger         Chairman              146 Victoria Rd., Mvl.             283-9500    

Edward R. Saylor               Vice Chairman      532 Thorngate Place, Mvl.     872-5985     

Gary G. Hess                      Secretary               453 N. George St., Mvl.          872-6245    

Michael D. Walker              Member                  515 Thorngate Place, Mvl.    872-0303     

Marilyn W. Sachs               Member                  109 E. Charlotte St., Mvl.      872-6858     


ZONING HEARING BOARD   (Five year term)     (Meets 4th Thursday of every month at 6:30 PM as needed)

Lindsay Gerner                 Chairwoman         36 West Charlotte St., Mvl. 871-6171     

James A. Kirk, Jr.             Vice Chairman     436 Herr Ave., Mvl.              872-7918     

Edward J. Arnold             Appt Secretary     100 Municipal Drive Mvl.    872-4645   

James R Sanchez            Member                 57 Landis Ave., Mvl.           871-1737     

Vickie Usciak                    Member                 22 Quarry Dr., Mvl.             872-8166     

Karen Eckert                     Member                 408 Stonegate Ct., Mvl.      872-0953      

Rev. David R. Fisher        Alternate Member 510 Thorngate Pl., Mvl.      872-8329     


PARK COMMISSION   (Three year term)     (Meets 1st Monday of every month at 6:00 PM)

Harold “Skip” Rhodes Jr.  Chairman            25 Wabank Rd., Mvl.           872-5913     

James A. Delle                    Member               118 Kready Ave., Mvl.         871-8599      

Kevin F. Weber                   Member               11 Kready Ave., Mvl.           872-7888       



Michael F. DeBerdine, III    Chairman              177 Kready Ave., Mvl.       871-0509       

James D. Seagers               Member                 518 Thorngate Pl., Mvl.    872-4448        

Scott A. Bailey                    Secretary                61 W Frederick St., Mvl.   917-0166  

Linda J. Deal                       Alternate Member  436 Herr Ave., Mvl.           872-7918  



Cindy Bigler                       Chairwoman            17 Wabank Rd., Mvl.        872-5146          

Phyllis Giberson                Member                    332 Manor Ave., Mvl.       872-7649           

Rev. David R. Fisher          Member                    510 Thorngate Pl., Mvl.   872-8329           


HISTORIC COMMISSION   (Five year term)     (Meets 1st Monday of every month at 7:00 PM)

J. Philip Gerber                  Chairman                12 Circle Rd., Mvl.             872-8837          

Dawn Fisher                       Secretary                 73 Blue Rock Rd., Mvl.     872-4598          

Peter Rios                           Member                   102 Landis Ave., Mvl.        872-5067         

Lucie M. Lehr                      Member                   146 New St., Mvl.              871-6605         

Martin Hohenadel               Member                   23 Pilgrim Dr., Lanc.         872-7671       


VACANCY BOARD   (One year term)

Daniel C. Ziegler                 Member               342 N. George Street, Mvl.  872-6750